St. Mary Queen of Apostles 
Catholic Church 

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Parent and Godparent Requirements for Baptisms

· One of the parents or legal guardian must request the baptism.

· Children over the age of 7 years must attend Catechism.  Please see our CCD Director if that is the case.

· An original copy of the child’s birth certificate, NOT the hospital note, must be presented to the church office and a copy made.

· All forms and payments must be completed and turned in at least one week before the Pre-baptismal class.

· There must be a founded hope that the child to be baptized will be brought up in the Catholic Religion

· Both parents and godparents must attend a Pre-baptismal instruction class.

· At least one parent must be a practicing Catholic and attend mass on a regular basis.

· Parents MUST either be registered or live within our parish boundaries.  If not, we require that you turn in written permission, from the parish you are registered with, stating that you can baptize your child here at St. Mary Queen of the Apostles.

Godparent Requirements for Baptism

· At least one Godparent must be a practicing Catholic and attend mass on a regular basis.

· That one Godparent must have made all of his/her Sacraments: Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.

· If that Godparent is married, he/she must have been married in the Catholic Church.

· If that Godparent is single, he/she can not live with someone outside the Sacrament of Matrimony.


A Quinceanera ceremony is a religious and cultural event in which renews a 15 year old girl's Baptismal vows. It marks her entrance into adult society and demonstrates her commitment to the church. the Christian community, and Jesus.

The offering for the Quinceanera is $400.00, please see church office for more information.
*Music and decorations are not included. 

You must complete forms in the office and make a non refundable payment of $200.00 in order to reserve a date.

Quinceanera's are usually held on Saturdays. Available times for you to choose from are 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.
*Check to see if dates are available by contacting the office.


Please contact the church at least 6 months in advance*

Rules for inside the Church:

Out of respect for the Blessed Sacrament

*Some of these rules may not apply to you


  1. No caps, hats, or head attire in church.
  2. No low cut, mini, see-through, or clingy clothes.
  3. No baggy pants, shorts or T-shirts.
  4. No midriffs, hip huggers, high cut slit skirts or dresses.
  5. No loose or tight tops that show cleavage.
  6. thin straps must be covered.



  1. No loud talking before, during and after mass/service.
  2. You MUST be in church 30 minutes before your time of service.
  3. Your service will start on time. Non - negotiable. If late, priest reserve the right to cancel



  1. You and your party need to go to confession before your service.



  1. Our wedding hostess will contact you 2 weeks before your service.
  2. You must be at your rehearsal ON TIME.



  1. NO ONE will be allowed to read the scriptures, unless they are trained lectors.



  1. Church DOES NOT provide the music.

CANDLES: *for weddings only

  1. Church DOES NOT provide the unity Candle Set.
  2. No candles in the church aisles
  3. No candle lighters


  1. Church DOES NOT provide any decorations.
  2. Two stands for flowers are permitted, one on each side of the altar.
  3. No netting used to block pews.
  4. No Scotch tape or staples used on pews.
  5. Rose petals, rice or confetti are NOT permitted.
  6. Guestbook and receiving lines are NOT permitted.
  7. Church does NOT provide Kneel covers.



  1. Photographers are NOT PERMITTED on the altar during the ceremony
  2. Friends & family are NOT PERMITTED to take pictures or video at the altar during the ceremony.
  3. Photographer must check in with coordinators on where they should stand.



  1.  No running in the Church.
  2. If your child or children are talking/crying they must go outside with an adult.
  3. No playing around the baptismal font area, or with the holy water.



  1. Candy, gum, food or drinks are NOT permitted in church.
  2. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted on church grounds.



  1. All cell phones and head phones MUST be turned off or on silent.

**It is important we all conduct ourselves with Reverence and Respect in this God's house. We want our church to stay beautiful and we want our worship to be meaningful and reverent. We thank you most sincerely in advance.